Through GEI, students have benefitted first-hand from experiencing startup life, applying their skills and talents in real work, and broadening their perspectives on entrepreneurship through immersion in cultures across the world.

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Daphne Goh

My boss encouraged us to think out of the box. I have learnt to always go after my passions, instead of going towards the norm. This is something he taught me well.

Angela Li

I really learned a lot about people skills, how to work efficiently, to prioritize things that are more important and to really complete your tasks on time.

Koh Cheng Kiat

This internship makes me step out of my comfort zone because I am in a new place and I have to adapt to his new environment around me. In most startups, we don’t just usually stick to what you job description says, you start doing things outside of what your job description actually encompasses.

Then Zhiwei

It is excellent here. At the same time, I am practicing my Mandarin. Work and studies have been great! I also received an opportunity to “take charge” of an event.

Joshua Ow Yong

The most significant thing which I learned during the internship was the importance of relational connections and networking. Talent can only bring one so far, having the right people to bring the right opportunities at the right time makes a world of difference.

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