Partnering with companies in ASEAN, Asia, and around the world, GEI exposes student to various cultures, industries, and innovation in entrepreneurship.

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Crucial Bits

Crucial Bits Is a Silicon Valley based software technology company that is building innovative software produces and delivers software engineering services.


ColorTokens offers a new approach to administer than traditional, static layer-centric approached. ColorTokens’ Next Generation Software Defined Security protects information and organizations with a cost effective, robust, compliant security solution.

Strike Deck

Strike Deck is a Customer Success solution enabling businesses to reduce churn, drive customer trust and loyalty, maximize revenue through innovative automation and integration technologies.

Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop was founded in 2012 specialising in robotics and education. The startup has a mission to inspire every home and classroom to be a home of innovation.


PayPal is a service that enables users to to pay, send money and accept payment. The company works with consumers and business owners to provide online payment solutions


A tech & design-driven startup providing personalised coding and English education for unique learners using AI.


Hong Kong-based mobile commerce enabling app Boutir provides tools for entrepreneurs to set up online businesses and manage inventory easily and efficiently.

Timepop App

Timepop is an app where you set your goals and plans into the future. Users can share their journey and celebrate their achievement. Timepop takes a refreshing approach to inspire people to focus on what’s coming up, rather than looking in the past.


China-based TechNode is in the center of a unique worldwide tech ecosystem of startups, venture capital firms, industry resrouces and corporate partners. TechNode has six business units: TN Media, TN Inno, TN Global, TN Events, TN Data and TN VC.



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